Friday, November 16, 2012

dream :)

i had a dream last night , whoaa . about me giving a birth to a baby . lol . haha . as cute as this one . its hard to describe my dream cause its way too long and i got no privacy to wrote it now so maybe next time ? haha .

okay now i got some privacy .
lets begin .

i was giving birth but its not hard , weird isn't ?
and then my baby arent moving . the people there thought my baby wont survive .
its a baby boy . i went near him and i kissed him , he moved .
i was so glad that my tears went out and i hug him even more tighter .
but wait , who's the father ? i knew it in the dream but when i woke up i forgot . aha .
then i raise up my child on my own .
i love him soo much that i can't let him go out of my sight even for a second .
my baby boy name is EAN and he got blue eyes . wow .
haha . i hope my future child would be like him .
and i carry him everywhere i go , spent lots of my time with him and then ...
i woke up , my mom knocked on my door .
whooaaa its a pleasant dream but i didn't want to raise a child on my own , i need a husband . haha .

Thursday, March 29, 2012


tadi pagi bangun, sakit gila badan.langsung xleh gerak.i was like..adehh confirm kejang satu bdn ni.then , cite kat nasuha..dia kata..baik kau dok bilik kesihatan je doe.bgtau la warden nk g blik kshtn plus nk balik rumah.then prhmpnn start , nasuha tnglkn sy sorg2 kat dlm bilik tu la..tngu la ntah siapa ckgu yg nk bwk g klinik la kan..xpe..baring dulu..xleh nak gerak sgt la kan .pas2 dgr ckgu wat announcement berucap sume.dgr2 pnye dgr..terlelap..pas2..dgr bunyi org bukak pintu.ohh okay dh smpai la tu kot.ehh die dok dpn pntu ,pkai bju koko st.john full.plik, bkn ke hr ni khamis ?dia jalan tunduk bwh then bebel sorg2.xtau la dia cakap ape kan.lpas tu, dia masuk..i was thinking..ehhh apesal plak dia nak masuk nie.,then dia duduk kat katil sebelah..dia bebel something like in bhasa thailand n siam or whatever yg otak xboleh nak tafrsir apa dia kata time tu.then dia dtg dekat still bebel.i was scared, dia mcm nak amik something kat sebelah sy.,just biar je la.skali dia.stay atas badan. OMG ~!pehal dia tak gerak?i tried to move my hand tapi berat sgt rasa malas.tak berdaya.pehh 5 minit kot.baru boleh gerak semula.pfttt..i was like, whats happening ?dah dpt gerak, otak automatic cakap " blah dari situ "then ...jumpa cikgu, cerita baru perasan.kena tindih rupanya,.suddenly i started to cry sebab takut sgt.ckgu bg yaasin suro baca,makin kuat plak rasa nak nangis.hoho..gila seram.dgn desir2 suara dia terngiang2 la seyh smpai skrg.thats my pengalaman =\

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

idea and people

people always appreciate us on what we think and talked about that is called idea .
like famous people, they got something that others don't .
they think the way others dont.
thats why he or she can be famous .
like blogger too.
he or she can be famous because of something that she or he wrote about .
not that it have to be complicated but by giving out tiny little speech that others easily understands and can get the idea it's considered okay .
idea , we can get anywhere and in variety of ways .
it's only how we choose how to deliver it to people
let say like motivator , they just deliver speech and they get lots of money .
modal ? idea .
we want to answer exam paper also need idea not just memorising the whole book.
see ?now you know how important idea is.
but beware , idea can be stolen too .

Thursday, December 8, 2011

1,2,3,4 Elevator ~

Heyy, this is the first time i wrote a true story based on what my friend told me.
Damn god i got goosebumps when she told me.
It just happened like last weekend.
My friend name is Nur Aini Hanis..
There is she ....

This story begins..
I will Tell you back what she told me..

One day, me, my sister and my cousin went to my sisters' apartment. we just want to accompany her upstairs since it's on the 10 th floor.

We use the elevator of course , will be deadly tired if we use stairs until 10 th floor . haha . lol.
I was pretty excited so when we went inside the lift , i pushed the button 10. its like touch screen sensor button..
we talked then floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, 

Damn ! it STOPPED ! 
okay that's scary.. I want to soothe my feelings and thought aww maybe my hand pushed the button ..well, it touch screen sensor right ?
then i pushed the button closed , darn it . it didnt work like someone else is outside pushing the button so that she/he can go inside..
durhh... i waited.. then there's NO ONE ! 
My sister scolded me, she says .' It's all your fault, why did you played with the button ? now .. see.. it wont close . how we might to get upstairs ? 6 floor more . '
okay , it's my fault. then after a few minute it closed back.
Phewww.. XD what a relived.

We went to the apartment then after that my cousin and i decided to go back since my father is waiting in the car.
We use the lift again and hope that nothing will happen.
well, we didn't get what we always wanted.
The lift again..
all the button 1 ,2 ,3 and 4 were in red light as if someone PUSHED it.
but this time its scarier ,
it STOPPED in every SINGLE floor ! warghhh..
when we reached the ground floor .
what else ?
RUN ! Save your life !

I told my dad about what happened but he doesnt seem to believe me.
I thought maybe the Lift were a bit crazy or broke down.
but wait a minute , if the lift were not in a good condition my sister wont scold me when the lift suddenly stopped at the 4th floor right ?
Now it's up to you to judge me .
either its true or not i just cant confirmed it myself.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seputih VAMPIRE.

Haha. Tajuk yang agak-agak sengal.
cmnie citernye..
sy nie ha..lame btol xkua umah n kne matahari...
so. ni la effectnye.
putih gila + pucatt..
mmg cam kembar vampire lahh kan.
xcaye ? tgk nie..

haha...pucat kan ~
ehh sy pose cmne tuh xpayah lahh hirau sgt..soh tgk kulit je.hoho..
nk kua tp, bia je la..
bole jadi duta produk putihkn kulit nie..hahaha..XD

Thursday, November 4, 2010

i love to take picture.

lalla...all my picture i took today..
so bored and got nothin to do,so,this what i've done!

my hair looks a bit weird..lalla










Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my own blue eyes..lalala~

just showing my eyes..lalala..haha..
you can clearly see my blue eys when i'm showing you the sun..haha