Wednesday, December 28, 2011

idea and people

people always appreciate us on what we think and talked about that is called idea .
like famous people, they got something that others don't .
they think the way others dont.
thats why he or she can be famous .
like blogger too.
he or she can be famous because of something that she or he wrote about .
not that it have to be complicated but by giving out tiny little speech that others easily understands and can get the idea it's considered okay .
idea , we can get anywhere and in variety of ways .
it's only how we choose how to deliver it to people
let say like motivator , they just deliver speech and they get lots of money .
modal ? idea .
we want to answer exam paper also need idea not just memorising the whole book.
see ?now you know how important idea is.
but beware , idea can be stolen too .

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