Thursday, December 8, 2011

1,2,3,4 Elevator ~

Heyy, this is the first time i wrote a true story based on what my friend told me.
Damn god i got goosebumps when she told me.
It just happened like last weekend.
My friend name is Nur Aini Hanis..
There is she ....

This story begins..
I will Tell you back what she told me..

One day, me, my sister and my cousin went to my sisters' apartment. we just want to accompany her upstairs since it's on the 10 th floor.

We use the elevator of course , will be deadly tired if we use stairs until 10 th floor . haha . lol.
I was pretty excited so when we went inside the lift , i pushed the button 10. its like touch screen sensor button..
we talked then floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, 

Damn ! it STOPPED ! 
okay that's scary.. I want to soothe my feelings and thought aww maybe my hand pushed the button ..well, it touch screen sensor right ?
then i pushed the button closed , darn it . it didnt work like someone else is outside pushing the button so that she/he can go inside..
durhh... i waited.. then there's NO ONE ! 
My sister scolded me, she says .' It's all your fault, why did you played with the button ? now .. see.. it wont close . how we might to get upstairs ? 6 floor more . '
okay , it's my fault. then after a few minute it closed back.
Phewww.. XD what a relived.

We went to the apartment then after that my cousin and i decided to go back since my father is waiting in the car.
We use the lift again and hope that nothing will happen.
well, we didn't get what we always wanted.
The lift again..
all the button 1 ,2 ,3 and 4 were in red light as if someone PUSHED it.
but this time its scarier ,
it STOPPED in every SINGLE floor ! warghhh..
when we reached the ground floor .
what else ?
RUN ! Save your life !

I told my dad about what happened but he doesnt seem to believe me.
I thought maybe the Lift were a bit crazy or broke down.
but wait a minute , if the lift were not in a good condition my sister wont scold me when the lift suddenly stopped at the 4th floor right ?
Now it's up to you to judge me .
either its true or not i just cant confirmed it myself.


  1. ni citer org laen? tak original la cmni. haha. anyway, aini la yg t'sngkut kat lift? aku pon pnah skali, mmg seram. haha. mcm citer hollow man xD

  2. dude...tu trsangkot je..adoii kaw nie.