Monday, November 1, 2010

the things that we need in our life.

well..the basic things we need to live is as you all know..
a place to live where it can protect you from any weather and animals like lion,
as if we're living somewhere without a door..
and water..whooa..without water..
we can't prepare something to eat,i mean to cook.haha.
we cant take our bath and our body will stink like a skunk.haha.
and hell yeah we'll die.haha..for uhump..dehydrating too much.lmfao.
we also need people..
we need friends, we need lover..
we also need family and teachers..
so people thinks that they dont need any friends in their life( an anti-social type) and whooa..
that's too wrong..who will help them if they're in trouble..?
who will look after them if they're sick and are far away from their family.
and the most important thing is..we gotta choose who we befriend with..
we cant just simply be friend with all people..
some may take advantages on us so,better watch out!
and partner..
who says we dont need those..?
no matter you're straight neither gay or lesbian..
you must need someone that loves you..
need to feel how to be loved and try your best to love someone..
if we felt we're being appreciated by
the world just seems so nice and being fair to us.
but remember,not all people got the chance like we do.
we also must be grateful and thankful for that.
thats all for now folks..
see ya next time.heh! =)

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