Friday, October 8, 2010

my weird dream..?

i just had a dream..
you know what...
it's about the teacher bought my friend and i goin for an exhibition...
i went there with my friend..era artika..
haha...we spent a lot of happy time there..
i ate so many ice cream..
and put many toppings on
the ice cream were delicious...
we went to the whole exhibition  and had a very much fun together...=)
then we go out..
it's raining..
and weird..
my other friend..amar..

he and his mom come to pick us up at the exhibition..

his mom ask me and era..what does the exhibition does..
and we told her our story..
then..i started to feel pretty dizzy and wanna faint..
i tried to control myself though..

then amar's mom realised that something wrong goin on with me..
he asked amar to sit at back,,
amar get out of the car and sit besides era..
he hold my forehead..
and well..
his hand are hot like a fire..
i pushed him..i cant stand the heat...
and he make a puzzled face..
then i woke up..
and you knw what..?
he and era send a message to me.
how did they know i had a dream about them?

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